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indoor ceiling lights
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Transform your outdoor spaces with this collection of smart lights!

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Illuminate your home à la française!

Connected LED
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With their simple yet elegant design,
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Discover Smart Lighting with LED nomad lamps! Connected, waterproof, shock resistant, illuminate your outdoor and indoor spaces. 💡

Discover Smart and Green connected lamps

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Set-Up Groups

Simplify how you manage light in different rooms by setting up groups. Use this function to easily change the ambiance you prefer with your phone.

Simulate Presence

When you leave home, you can use the “Event” function to turn lights on once or several times to make it look like you are present. It’s a simple way to dissuade a potential burglar from entering your home.

Schedule Lighting ON/OFF Scenarios

Set lights to turn on when you wake up or arrive by using the “Event” function. You can set the time they are on, the color, brightness…choose how you use your lights to personalize the ambiance of your home.

Set The Ambiances

Accentuate different ambiances by changing the color and brightness of your lights with a smartphone or tablet. Lacking inspiration? The preset ambiances will adapt to different situations.

Nomad Lighting

Promising a connected terrace, SMART AND GREEN goes further with the Nomad Lighting concept. Since 2008, we have been developing wireless, waterproof, rechargeable LED lamps intended to provide smart, designer solutions for lighting your exteriors.

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Professional area

The design and technology of SMART AND GREEN products have already seduced many professionals. These wireless LED light lamps are perfectly suitable for all your spaces: pool, restaurant room, terrace, library, etc.

We’ll be more than delighted to help you make your requests come true by transforming your ideas into real-life bespoke objects and will accompany you throughout your project.

On-demand products

Smart and Green invites you to discover a range exclusively for professionals. These smart lamps are perfect for any type of event. Discover our illuminated furniture, table lamps and even ice buckets and you can rest assured your reception will awe your guests. These professional lighting systems have their own unique design: sleek and streamlined, curvy, one-of-a-kind and are designed to diffuse light for 6 to 8 hours.

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SMART AND GREEN has everything it takes to create customized lamps which can add that extra little something to major events. With MESH technology, light up your customized lamps in the color you wish and pair it with that of your logo or even your event design.

A host of firms have already put their trust in us and now boast corporate-branded-flocked lamps, what about you?

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