4 Decorating Ideas with a Luminous Cube

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The luminous cube is a trendy and design lighting fixture. It is often found outdoors in the summer. Its uses are wide ranging. Thanks to its various sizes and functions, it is easy to adapt it to spice up a terrace, a garden, and even a living room!

The Luminous CUBE as a Table

The size of outdoor LED cubes can vary according to your desire. The luminous CUBE or BIG CUBE is ideal to serve as an unusual table. It will add a stylish touch to your parties. You can choose to leave it off during the day and then light it up in the color of your choice for the evening: red, yellow, or purple.  Otherwise, for those who prefer not to torture themselves on the choice of color, the Smart and Green atmospheres are available. For example, the zen atmosphere will create a relaxed atmosphere while the romantic atmosphere will be perfect for a lovers’ aperitif. 

Luminous CUBE LED Lamp Bluetooth SMART AND GREEN
Garden decoration idea using a CUBE LED

A Unique Chair

Due to their strength and size, LED luminous cubes make very good seats. Placed around a coffee table or even around a BIG CUBE, they are ideal for creating a unique garden lounge. At SMART AND GREEN, all the lights have Bluetooth Mesh technology. This technology enables you to control your different lights separately as well as in groups, from a single smartphone. It is then fun to light up some cubes of one color and others of a different color. Another possibility is to create a group in order to be able to control the lights simultaneously or to program the time at which they turn on and off. With an autonomy of 6 to 8 hours, all this is possible!

CUBE as comfortable chairs

The Luminous CUBE to Highlight an Object

For a more discreet but equally design effect, a small LED luminous cube can be used as a support to highlight an object. For example, with DICE, it is possible to place a rectangular mirror on top. Admiring your reflection under a unique LED light, taking advantage of a real pro set up to take pictures of your outfits has never been so enjoyable! With the DICE S light, it is possible to highlight even the smallest decorative objects such as a key jar, or a small sculpture, etc. You choose the element and illuminate it with the color and intensity of light you want. One thing is for sure; it can’t be missed.

LED Lamp CUBE Luminous Furniture SMART AND GREEN
Inspiration for a child’s bedroom

Waterproof Benefits

By choosing a waterproof outdoor LED cube, you can place it in the swimming pool for a chic and trendy touch. Here, the uses are endless. Again, the LED light CUBE could be used as a table to sip your cocktails while dangling your feet in the water, as well as a seat to enjoy a relaxing aquatic moment. When night falls, the light will shine on your nightly swims and create a magical atmosphere in your pool. Another advantage, since these lights are wireless, it is very easy to relocate them anywhere, anytime. Outside the pool during the day, inside at night, the scenarios are infinite.

Waterproof CUBE LED Lamp Bluetooth SMART AND GREEN
CUBE LED Moodboard

The cube is a geometric shape to embrace for your decorations. A luminous cube is the perfect combo for bringing trendy lighting to your exterior and interior.

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