Everything You Need To Know To Arrange A Comfortable And Practical Home Office!

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Many of us went back to teleworking as a result of the ongoing health crisis. Working from home has consequently become the daily routine for many people as a way of limiting the need to go out. 

Choosing and Designing A Home Office

Of course, it all starts with choosing the right room. This does not always depend on your own personal wishes. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a room dedicated to their home office.

The most important thing is to have at least some space for a desk, the actual piece of furniture. Sitting down in front of it enables you to immerse yourself in your work. Above all, you should avoid working from a sofa or your bed. Choose the quietest area in your home, where there is the most light. Indeed, studies show that natural light when working contributes to both productivity and satisfaction. Start from the assumption that daylight should account for at least 40% of the luminosity required for your work.

Decoration, The Detail That Changes Everything

The point is not only to create a workspace, it is also to create a home office that you enjoy so that you feel even more like working. To do so, nothing could be easier. Add photos of your family and friends, along with some plants and decorative elements that you like. If you have the time and inclination, you can also repaint the wall behind your desk. This will freshen up your room and best mark out your workspace. This is a beneficial activity idea for this lockdown.

Connected Home Office Design Lamp
A practical and stylish Home Office

Proper Lighting For Productive Work

The role played by light in our productivity at work is crucial. It is important to know the correct lighting for our office, what combinations we can make, and what light intensity is the most suitable.

In addition to daylight, it is also very important to have proper lighting in your home office. The ideal lighting fixture will continue to be the indispensable desk lamp. Another possibility is to add wireless table lamps to intensify the lighting while decorating your space. To best choose your lamp, it is necessary to follow several criteria. Namely:

  • As a minimum, try to achieve a brightness of 500 Lux to illuminate your workspace.
  • 40 ou 60 WATTS sont largement suffisants pour éclairer votre espace de travail.
  • Choose a white light rather than a yellow light. A light that tends towards neutral white or cool white is better for working efficiently. It will enable you to feel comfortable and productive. Yellow light is more suitable for your living room, for example, because it generates an atmosphere that suggests relaxation.

Of course you can also place other light sources around your workspace, such as a table lamp.

Wireless lamp controllable with app
Pebble Lamp ZEN

The Language Of Colors

Placing other colored lights all around your workspace will enable you to define the atmosphere and personalize your home office. Specific colors are beneficial to your efficiency, hence contributing to your productivity.

For example, for your light fixtures:

  • Blue light is ideal for creative people. It feeds the imagination and therefore enhances inventiveness.
  • A violet light will help you concentrate. It works very well for those who tend to be easily mesmerized by everything that happens around them.
  • A pink light will bring positivity to your work area. Joy and good humor are the order of the day!
  • An orange light will pep you up and give you energy.

Last but not least, when choosing the lighting color for your home office fixture, be aware that red is the one color of light to avoid. This color has a tendency to irritate.

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