Bluetooth MESH: What Is It?

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Although the classic Bluetooth is well-known to everyone thanks to the exchange of music via smartphones, its peer, the Bluetooth MESH, remains a bit in the shadows. And yet, it offers an infinite amount of possibilities. For this reason, SMART AND GREEN decided to integrate this technology into its product line. To discover more about this unusual Bluetooth, we will try to introduce you to its particularities as well as to its functions.

Bluetooth MESH: Main Differences With Classic Bluetooth? 

Traditional Bluetooth enables exchanging information from one device to another (one-to-one) over a very close range. It is especially used for file transfers or in new trendy devices such as speakers and Bluetooth headsets. Its operation is straightforward. A signal is emitted from the smartphone or tablet in order to control a single device.

For its part, Bluetooth MESH provides the possibility of controlling an almost infinite number of devices. Thus, it is possible to send a signal from one device to another, as well as to operate them as a group. In this way, each controllable device will interact with its entire environment.

3 Advantages Of Bluetooth MESH

There are multiple advantages to Bluetooth MESH:

  • GROUPS: Create groups of your devices to control all of them with your smartphone or tablet.
  • REMOTE CONTROL: Thanks to Bluetooth MESH, control your devices from both near and far. You no longer need to move to set up and control your devices. 
  • BLUETOOTH LOW-ENERGY: it reduces your devices’ energy consumption, thus increasing their life span.
Bluetooth MESH connected lamps
Bluetooth MESH for a Smart Home

Essential Component In The Smart Home World

While classic Bluetooth remains a must-have, widely used in most cases, Bluetooth MESH seems destined to become a necessity in the world of connected homes. Thanks to its intelligent network enabling all objects to communicate with each other, the signal range is multiplied creating infinite possibilities. Imagine being able to control your entire lighting system with just a few clicks, all from the comfort of your sofa! This is now possible thanks to Bluetooth MESH!

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