Embellish your dinners with the LED table lamps!

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Summer nights are right around the corner. It’s the perfect time to invite guests over to a dinner in the backyard. For some, table decoration is a key element for a nice reception and for others, the bare minimum is enough. In any case, the priority is to have a well lighted table. The wireless table lamps are the perfect match between beautiful decoration and a source of light, for a delightful reception!

Benefits of Wireless Lamps

SMART AND GREEN lights are wireless, hence, it is easy to move them about, from one room to another, from inside to outside. You can set your cordless table lampe on a dinner table when hanging out with friends, and move it back on top of a dresser afterwards. Being wireless, these lamps offer total freedom to be creative (and indecisive!) with your decoration choices. You can’t talk about wireless without talking about autonomy! Our lamps can last up to 8 hours in one go. To charge them, there’s plenty of options: The solar charger is perfect to charge your lights using sunlight, the multi-charger is ideal if you own multiple lamps, and last but not least, the original charger that you can simply plug to a wall.

Once your table lamp is fully charged, it is up to you to run wild with your creativity and chose how to light up dinner with your guests.

Create a Table Runner

No matter if your table is long or not, it is easy to create an original lighting table runner to brighten up a meal. The number of guests, therefore the number of plates, will determine the ideal number of lamps to set on the table, as to create a novel table runner. The idea is to focus on smaller lamps as not to crowd the table. If multiples lamps are necessary for your ideal decorative view, the Smart Mesh Bluetooth is going to be your best friend! Thanks to this innovative technology, using the Smart and Green Mesh app, you will be able to link all your lamps to create a group. Once this group is created, you will be able to control all of them simultaneously. The plus? The app also gives you the opportunity to create events. By setting the time, you can schedule your lamps to turn on when your guests arrive, and to turn off when it’s getting late.

Wireless Connected Table Lamp SMART AND GREEN
Table Runner Idea with FLATBALL

As Menu Holders

Why not surprise your guests with a trendy menu holder that would highlight your gourmet meal? This original way of showcasing your menu will also allow for good lighting and bring the focus to your menus on the table. Once again, a smaller table lamp is advised. The CUB, STELE or OLIO lamps would be ideal choices.

Embellish Your Flowers

For a romantic dinner, a table lamp such as the OLIO wireless lamp will fit perfectly with the theme and will serve as beautiful decoration. As a matter of fact, this wireless lamp can hold one or more flowers and embellish them with a unique lighting. Waterproof and shock resistant, this cordless lamp will accent the beauty of its flowers and its surroundings. Our decoration tip: Set a beautiful white rose into the OLIO lamp table, choose the Romantic ambience accessible through the app and play the dedicated Spotify playlist, via the Smart and Green account.

Sublimez vos tables avec les lampes a poser LED photo 2 2 1

Create the Mood that You Wish For

Regardless of where you place your table lamps, the main advantage, here, is having access to a wide variety of colors, whenever you want. Using the Smart and Green Mesh app, you can chose the color and the brightness of your lamps in a couple of seconds. If you’re having a hard time deciding on which color to choose from, you can try out our preselected colors and ambiences. From rainbows to fall season, you can easily find the right ambience for your event and pair it with the dedicated Spotify playlist, for a reception that stimulates all of your guests’ senses.

Be sure to share your creative decoration ideas with our wireless table lamps on social media using the hashtag #lampeaposerS&G !

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