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Gifts, hot chocolates, carols and snow… But of course, it’s Christmas! And we have a little gift just for you: our Gift Guide, with a selection of smart lamps for every taste and every home! Grab your favorite tea and lie under your warm blanket and let us inspire you!

Smart Lamps As Christmas Gifts!

Want to listen to some festive music while you read? Here’s our Spotify Christmas playlist!

Gift Ideas For Children

LED Light for children christmas gifts

SMART AND GREEN’s smart lights are the perfect allies for children and parents!

They give them the freedom to choose the color of their lights depending on their mood or what they fancy at the moment, and help them develop their imagination.

Parents will appreciate greatly the sturdiness of the diffusers, who were designed to last years! Additionally, thanks to the Smart and Green app, lights can be scheduled to turn on and off at specific times. A table lamp makes a great bedside lamp, which can turn off when children fall asleep and wake them up gently in the morning. Say goodbye to their fear of the dark!

For the kids, we recommend NIC, the luminous Santa Claus, ROCK for its modern and amusing shape, and CUBE, which can play the role of a luminous bedside table!

Gift Ideas for Home Decor Enthusiasts

Smart table lamps

Lighting is the key element to harmonize your home decor. For the decorating aficionados, we recommend looking through the table lamp category, modern lights that can embellish a diner table, a TV unit or even a side table by the couch!

The table lamp EGG, with its smooth and round curves is a must-have from the catalogue. It will always stand out in every kind of decor! A gift that everybody will love!

The luminous vase OLIO, with its graceful curves, will bring elegance and sophistication to any house. For those who love flowers, the perfect gift is to offer this vase with a beautiful flower to put inside, like an eternal rose.

The TUB et CUB lamps are unique in our catalog: their diffusers made of glass are what make them modern and chic table lamps. This lights are available in packs of 3, the ideal gifts for contemporary houses.

Gift Ideas For Garden Lovers

lanterne led exterieur
LED Lantern for exterior

This year, the world of design has seen a real frenzy around exterior lanterns, lights that can be carried around from inside to outside, from the pool to the garden lounge. At SMART AND GREEN, we are specialists when it comes to wireless technology since 2007! We made Nomad Lighting our passion, our DNA. So exterior lighting, we know it like the back of our hand!

We recommend the nomad lanterns VESSEL and VESSEL 2, two must-haves form the catalog. With their elegant curves, their wooden handle and lightweight diffusers, there are sure to capture the heart of outdoor enthusiasts!

For those seeking to relax in their zen gardens, the pebble-shaped ZEN lamp will harmonize with the serene ambience and tranquility of such spaces, as well as with wood and stone. SMART AND GREEN’s lights are equipped with a Candle Mode, ideal for relaxation and meditation!

Gift Ideas For The Pool


The FLATBALL, BALL and DEW are excellent gifts for anyone who owns a pool. Modern, waterproof, floating and shock resistant, these lights will reflect on the surface of the water at night and will create an enchanting luminous atmosphere. Picture yourself swimming in the middle of multiple colored lights after a long day. What a dream!

Offering smart lamps for Christmas is also gifting unforgettable memories, whether by the pool, the fireplace or gathered around a good meal. The perfect gift to brighten up the holidays and put a smile on the faces of your loved ones!

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