Bluetooth Mesh

What is Bluetooth Mesh?

Bluetooth Mesh is a Bluetooth protocol developed by CSR. It operates on Bluetooth Smart, always known as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or Bluetooth 4.0. It is the Bluetooth that works on most of today’s smartphones.

Think about smart phones, our even office spaces and open plan offices. Thanks to Mesh, it is now possible to control an entire building without leaving your chair, the only limit is your imagination. Whereas early Bluetooth systems operated on a star network architecture, this newer Bluetooth system works with a “mesh” network. In other words, connected devices will be able to communicate with each other when they are within reach of one another. The network doesn’t need a central bridge to gather and translate information, the devices take care of it on their own.

What is the maximum range between my devices?

Thanks to this interconnectedness between devices, as long as 2 objects are connected to the same Bluetooth network, they can communicate with each other, from up to 20m without an obstacle in their way. The theoretical total number of devices that can be linked together is 65,000, with a range of 20 meters each. Meaning, you would be able to control your lamp remotely from up to 1300km. As of today, our tests have been successful with 200 devices.

What is the difference between the range between a smartphone and a device, and the range between two devices?

The range between a smartphone and the first bridge device will depend entirely on the quality of the Bluetooth chip present in your smartphone. For an obstacle-free connection, the range will be 20 meters.

Reminder: only smartphones equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 will be able to connect to the network. For Android 4.3 or later, and for iOS 6.0 or later.

Can two of my devices communicate with each other through a wall?

Yes, the range between those two devices will depend on the thickness of the wall.

The average range for a connection with an obstacle is 10 meters. The number of obstacles and their size will reduce this range.

Can I manage my devices when I am not home?

Information is exchanged between your smartphone and your devices via Bluetooth Mesh. It is, therefore, not possible to manage devices that are outside your smartphone’s Bluetooth range.

What is the maximum number of devices that I can add to the network?

Comme précisé précédemment, le nombre théorique de modules appareillables est d’environ 65 000 (ou plus précisément 65 ,36). Cependant, en réalité 32,768 appareils peuvent être appairés et 32,768 groupes peuvent être créés.

As stated above, the theoretical number of pairable items is around 65,000 (more precisely, 65,536). Although, in reality 32,768 devices can be paired and 32,768 groups can be created.

Wwhat is the default color when turning on the lamp?

By default, BULB, BULBLITE and STRIPLED turn on in a white color, produced by RGB LEDs.

By default, BULB E27 turns on in a white color, produced by white LEDs.

Group Management

What are the buttons’ functions in the group management interface?

Group Button: By clicking on this button, you can open your groups and check out their details.

Color Picker Button: By clicking this button, you will be able to connect to the smart management of your lamps, as you will reach the lamps group control interface. You can use this interface to individually manage a lighting device by tapping on its name.

ON/OFF Button: This will command all your lamps from a group to turn on and off. (It doesn’t control the sensors.)

Depending on the light, the color white doesn’t always appear the same. Why?

We are using different systems to produce white.

  • For the BULB E27, commands are interpreted by a combination of 6500K LEDs and a 2700K LED. It’s the interaction between those two kinds of LEDs that allows for a fluctuation of color.
  • The BULB and BULBLITE are using both white LEDs and RGB LEDs to produce white.
  • The STRIPLED is only using RGB LED for the color white.

When controlling a group, the BULB E27 will behave the same as the BULB and the BULBLITE.

How many lamps can be added to a group in total?

There is no limit. To create a group, lamps must be within range, and you can add as many devices as you want.

The opposite is not true: a device can only be part of a maximum of 10 groups.

How to turn off the Candle mode?

When you click on the candle icon, Candle mode will be activated. You can then change the color of your lights while still displaying the flicker effect.

To deactivate it, you will need to click back on the candle icon, which will go from green to white to illustrate that the mode has been deactivated.

I can’t add groups nor modify them. Why?

First, if you are not the first user, meaning the person whose smartphone first edited the groups, it is expected that you are not able to modify existing groups. Indeed, only the first user can create and modify groups.

If you wish to modify group settings, you will need to reset all devices and add them to a new network on a new smartphone.

If you are the first user, it can be possible that devices may not be picking up on your signals. Getting closer to them will help sending commands directly between them and your smartphone.

It can also be possible that a device has been disconnected from your network. In this case, which is rare but easy to fix, all you need is to reset the lighting device, to reconnect it to the network and to add it back to the group.

How to modify/delete groups?

To modify groups, you’ll need to tap on the group’s name and to swipe from right to left with your finger. You will see two icons appearing. The red cross enables you to delete the selected group. The blue pen will take you back to the group creation page where you will be able to modify the selected group.

How to delete devices from a group? How can I rename my devices?

To delete or rename devices in a group, you’ll need to tap on the device in the selected group and to swipe from right to left with your finger. You will see two icons appearing:

  • The red cross enables you to delete the lamp. If you are in a selected group, it will delete the device from the group (if you are in the group named “All”, the device will be deleted from the network, instead).
  • The pen will enable you to rename the device. The new name will be modified throughout the app.
How to add devices to an existing group?

To add new devices to an existing group, you will need to modify the group. By pressing and holding your finger of the group’s name, you can swipe from right to left to see the red cross and pen icons. Tap on the pen to be redirected to the group creation page. Here, you will be able to add devices to this specific group.

One of my devices has been disconnected from the Mesh network and I can’t delete it from a group. How can I delete unused devices?

When a device is disconnected from your Mesh network, you’ll need to execute two independent actions:

  • Reset your lighting device, plug or sensor.
  • You won’t be able to delete the unused device’s name directly from a group, nor delete the group(s) in which the device was used. To do so, you’ll need to delete the unused device, beforehand, in the group named “All’. Then, you will be able to delete the groups in which it what used, if you wish so.
Why don’t the lights turn on when I switch them on individually via the tablet?

It is possible that your lighting device, who’s not working, might have reset. In that case, you will need to go to “Settings” then “Security Settings” to pair the device back.

How to simulate a presence at home?

You can schedule an event on multiple devices or multiple groups in the Event menu, where you can decide on a date, a starting time and an ending time, as well as an ambience. Thus, you will set your lights to turn on and off at a specific time, even when you are not at home.


How many events can be scheduled in total?

There is a limit at 200 event per interfaces (smartphones, tablets, etc).

Please note that too many events may slow down the system.

There is also a limit of 10 events per light device.

Can I have multiple events for the same devices?

Yes. Events send a specific command which is the switch on of the lamps.

However, it is impossible to schedule several events going off at the same time, as it will create priority conflicts between those events.

How to change the settings for an event?

To modify an already created event, you will need to tap on the event’s name. Then, you will be able to change the date, how many times it will occur in a week, the devices or groups that are linked to this event, as well as ambience, provided that the devices are smart lamps or groups of smart lamps.

What are the ambiences’ settings for events?

For your first-time use, settings are set by default in the app. When you create an event and you wish to configure the ambience’s setting (colors, time…), you will first need to go to the Group Menu and to tap on Ambience. Here, select your ambience (for example: Zen) and set up your parameters (for example: blue, 20 seconds). Then, simply return to the Event Menu and create your own event by choosing the ambience you created (here: Zen.) The settings of your event are the ones corresponding to your ambience (here: Blue and 20 seconds).

I scheduled my event but it doesn’t work. What can I do?

A problem can occur if a same lighting device has been programmed to two distinct events that triggers at the same time: the two events overlap. When this happens, for the lighting device, there is a priority conflict with the two events. What you can do is to deactivate, or delete, the events that are responsible for this conflict, in such a way that only one event is active and none are overlapping.


How do I connect my SENSOR to my devices? To what kind of devices? How does it work?

Once the SENSOR has been added to the system, simply go to its settings (click on the sensor’s name in the group control). From this interface, you can control which devices you can connect to your sensor from the Device menu. Here, you can also modify some of your sensor’s parameters.

The Alarm can activate the sensor at certain times of the week, which you can schedule in advance. Similar to Events, you can switch the sensor on in the evening from 10pm, for example, without having to switch manually your lights on every night.

Even when you’re not at home, the sensor detects movement, and be used for security, for example.

I connected my SENSOR to lighting devices but they won’t turn on. What can I do?

First, check that your lighting devices are sufficiently charged and at a reasonable distance from your Mesh network. Also check that they are working, which you can do using the “All” group.

Secondly, try resetting all your sensor’s settings while paying special attention to the schedules and your time clock.

If this still doesn’t work, you can reset your sensor completely and set it up again.

How to modify my SENSOR’s settings?

There are three possible ways:

  • The SENSOR’s parameters have been set beforehand with a predefined ambience from the Group menu.
  • Parameters have been set in the “Ambiences” section.
  • Parameters have been set in the “Event” section.

In either case, return to the section where you defined the sensor parameters at first. There, you can schedule the start and end times for SENSOR activation, the devices or groups linked to the SENSOR, and the duration of use.

How does the Intrusion Alarm work?

When you set up your SENSOR, you can choose the Intruder Alarm mode. Once activated, this mode will cause your devices to flash. However, be careful with the intrusion alarm for plugs, as this may damage your devices connected to these plugs.


How do I personalize my ambiences?

When managing a group or a single lighting device, you can find a tab named Ambience. Here, some of the ambiences are editable. You can, for example, chance the color, the length of a cycle or the intensity of the light.

Your ambiences setting will be carried on through the entire app.

Which ambiences settings to choose for events?

Your ambiences’ settings are saved and carried on throughout the app. Therefore, if you modify their parameters using the Group (or a single lighting device) management section, it will also affect the ambience in the Events section.

Thus, if you wish to modify an ambience that is associated with an Event, you will need to modify its settings in the Group (or lighting device) management section.

Do I need to set them again every time I open the app?

Your ambiences’ settings are saved throughout the entire app. It is, therefore, not necessary to change them back every time the app is opened or closed.

Thus, if you modify an ambience, if it is is associated with an Event, it will change accordingly for this event as well.

How many ambiences can I personalize?

It is possible to create 2 personalized ambiences from the “Ambiences” menu in “Group”.

You can also schedule 200 pre-programed scenes in the “Scene” mode. However, please keep in mind that too many scenes can slow down the system.


How does it work?

There are two types of users: Master and Slaves.

The Master is the first smartphone to have been connected to the system, more precisely, it is the smartphone that created the Mesh network and connected the devices with each other. It needs an activation key to connect to the devices. This key is generated by the user during their first connection and is essential because, without it, it is impossible to connect to the devices.

The Master smartphone can then create a QR code to share the connection to other smartphones.

The other smartphones are then called Slaves. As their name implies, they won’t be able to add any more devices and will only have access to those previously connected.

How to add more lamps to the system?

From any smartphone, use the activation key and, when the device is on resetting mode, you will be able to reach and to add it to the system.

However, it is almost essential, for better control and stability, to always add new devices to with the Master phone.

How to change the security settings?

You can find the activation key through the menu “Settings” then “Security Settings” on the Master smartphone.

When you enter an activation code, not matter which one, you will be able to detect devices that are outside of your network. By pairing those devices, you are implementing a name on the code (an activation key). Every device that will interact with the others will be identified by this key.

Attention: Keys are case sensitive, meaning there will be a difference between “SMART”, “smart”, and “SmarT”.

How to share devices?

Simply go to “Settings” and then “Sharing authorization”. From this menu, you can choose which devices and groups the Master phone wants to share. Then, select which you want to share and generate a QR code (the Slave smartphone must have a QR code scanner). Finally, in the app, tap on the + button and press the “QR code” button. This will enable the Slave phone to scan the QR code generated earlier.

When you return to the Group menu, you’ll see that the groups and devices have been installed in the correct groups on the new phone. Don’t worry, devices that haven’t been connected remain in the same Mesh network and can therefore pass signals.

How to reset my bulbs?


Press on any of the two buttons for 15 seconds. The bulb will then flash in multiple colors: it will be reset.


Press on any of the two buttons for 15 seconds. The bulb will then flash in multiple colors: it will be reset.


Plug and unplug your device 5 times in less than 10 seconds. It will flash in red before flashing in blue, meaning its reset. You will then be able to recreate a network with a new device.


Where can I download the app?

You can find the app on the App Store or on Google play, by searching for “Smart and Green”. By downloading the app, you will be able to manage your lamps with your smartphone.

Are my products updated along with the app?

Updating the app does not affect products. However, the products have been designed to integrate all app updates. You can update your app without the risk of a bug, and you’ll be able to control your devices a little better each time, in addition to the new features.

Can multiple smartphones manage lamps at the same time?

Yes. An infinite number of phones can control the system at the same time, as long as they are controlling different lamps or groups.

The only limitation is that when a phone is controlling a lamp or a group of lamps, it is the only one who can. To control the same lamp or group of lamps with another smartphone, the first user will have to stop controlling these devices by leaving their management section on their app, letting the other user take control.

Which version of Android and iOS support the app?

The Bluetooth Mesh technology is compatible with the Bluetooth 4.0 or Bluetooth Smart, from Android 4.3 and later.

The Bluetooth Mesh technology is compatible with the Bluetooth 4.0 or Bluetooth Smart, from iOS 6.0 and later.

General Questions

I can’t connect to my devices anymore.

Try to diagnose the problem at first.  Are you at a reasonable distance from your devices, meaning less than 10 meters? Are your products active and connected to the network? Verify that the connection with your devices is active, that your devices are sufficiently charged, or plugged, etc.

If your network is functioning normally and the problem doesn’t go away, try to restart the app or even your phone, as the phone’s memory may be saturated. After this, you’ll be able to connect to your devices again.

If one or more devices aren’t responding, reset them and add them back to the network.

I am connected but when I’m trying to manage my devices, the app takes me back to the home page. What can I do?

Two possible scenarios:

If you get with the message “Gateway device not detected”, you may not have any products within Bluetooth range. Restart the application and scan your environment. Try to find all Bluetooth-detectable devices around you. If you’re still redirected to the home screen, check that all your products are active.

In the General Management menu, you can set your smartphone/tablet for auto-connection or manual connection. When you connect your Mesh network, the command is sent to a first device, called a “gateway device”, which is responsible for transmitting the information.

Manual Connection: If you’re too far from the gateway device, your SMART AND GREEN app will restart and then scan the environment to find a new gateway device nearby.

Auto Connection: If you’re too far from the gateway device, your SMART AND GREEN app will automatically restart and scan the environment to find a new gateway device nearby.

The Reconnect button in the main menu lets you scan your environment directly. Your smartphone/tablet will connect directly to the gateway device with the strongest and best signal.

If you don’t get the mentioned above message, it is possible that the Bluetooth Mesh is not compatible with your smartphone (it must be compatible, at minimum, with the Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0).

If your smartphone is compatible, you can try to restart your smartphone. If the problem is still occurring, there is a possibility that one of your devices has a bug.

More often than not, it is the SENSOR who causes this kind of problem. You can reset it and add it back to the system to fix the problem.

Another possibility is that too many scenes and alarms are programed, which makes the system saturated.

My smartphone/tablet is using a lot of battery because of the SMART AND GREEN app. How can I save more battery?

The Auto Connection mode is using more battery than the Manual Connection mode. To save more battery, it is recommended to use this Manual Connection Mode.

(The Manual Connection mode and Auto Connection mode are detailed in the previous question.)

Can my devices be used outdoor?

It will depend on the device.

Our product specifications may indicate the “IP” protection rating. BULB and BULBLITE products are IP68, so they can be used outdoors and even underwater.

The others are connected to the three-phase network and will need special attention. For more details, please consult your appliance manual.

What are the product specifications?

Please refer to the user manual supplied with every product, or to the device specifications that you can find in the online store.