A Green Decoration: How to Adopt an Eco-Friendly Decoration at Home?

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According to Sir Partha Dasgputa, economics professor at Cambridge University, we will need, today, about 1.6 planet Earths to be able to continue consuming in the same way we are today. However, there’s only one planet Earth and it’s time to protect it! Studies have shown that awareness of ecological and environmental issues is rising, and especially so since the health crisis. The need for a sustainable development is on everyone’s lips, and in many tweets: Since 2016, posts on Twitter related to biodiversity and our impact on nature have increased by about 60%.

Respecting the environment is at the heart of consumers and Smart and Green’s worries. We’re here to give you some advice on how to adopt an eco-friendly decoration at home!

Eco-Friendly Products

As proven by the Wave Stone Cabinet’s studies on our current spending habits, 40% of consumers would back out on a purchase that wouldn’t be considered eco-friendly. The importance of buying ecologically friendly products, which respect the environment, has already changed our way of buying. 

In the world of beauty, people have had enough with fur! With cosmetics, we’re tired of products that are tested on animals. Clients in supermarkets are more and more concerned with products’ origins and would rather buy in season and organic vegetables.

Eco-friendly products are also possible at home. A staple in a living room, around which other pieces of furniture like the table, TV and carpet is… you guessed it… the sofa. For an industrial decoration or even Art Deco, the faux-leather couch is a must-have. Fake leather gives this modern and vintage feel to your living room, while also being respectful of the environment. And it fits in perfectly with beautiful green plants!

One of the biggest trends, especially since the quarantine, is the restoration of recycled furnitures. Looking for old antiques to buy in garage sales is a real pleasure for creative people. It’s the opportunity to express your creativity by customizing a vintage piece. DIY restoration videos on YouTube can be a gold mine for anyone and for every level, whether you are just beginning and have some brushes and spray paint, or if you are well equipped.

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Low Energy Consumption

In 2018, in France, 85% of people said that they were choosing low energy light bulbs. Follow the trend and act for our planet by adopting our Smart and Green bulbs!

The big BULB and the small BULBLITE from Smart and Green are LED bulbs that consume far less than a classic incandescent bulb.
As a matter of fact, when the electric current goes through the filament of an ordinary bulb, it radiates heat which leads to a more significant waste of energy. In a LED lamps, there is no filament, just two bands on top of the other, the conduction band and the valence band, composed of a semi-conductor material called gallium nitride. When electricity goes through this material, an electron moves from band to band. It leaves the valence band with a hole, before reaching the conduction band. However right after that, it goes right back into its place and it is this reconfiguration that releases a light particle called a photon.

The lighting systems from Smart and Green are also equipped with a BLE technology, or Bluetooth Low Energy. This state-of-the-art technology consumes ten times less than the original Bluetooth! Smart and Green came up with a charger that uses very little energy to recharge your lights, which you can then use whenever and wherever you want for up to twelve hours. The ratio of energy used for produced energy is excellent!

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Thanks to the Smart and Green Mesh app, you have the possibility to schedule your lights to turn on and off whenever you like as well as use the sunset and sunrise hours depending on your location. Thus, you can save energy by using your lights in a clever and eco-friendly manner.

Environmental responsibility and consuming in a sustainable way is at the heart of every discussion, these days. We can act little by little, and move forward, step by step, to a greener future. (Be Smart, Go Green!)

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