How To Arrange Your Outdoor Lighting?

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These days, many of us begin to design our outdoor spaces wondering how to position our lighting fixtures. While this may seem like a simple enough task to some, it’s one that needs to be thought through if you hope to make the most of the illumination a lamp can provide on a tabletop or the fashionable touch it can create by the pool. 

Select The Correct IP Code Rating For Your Lighting  

Before even thinking about where to place your light fixtures, it is important to make sure you select fixtures with an adequate protection rating (IP) to be placed outdoors. Safety comes first. If you select a light fixture with the intention of placing it in your backyard or on your patio, make sure it meets these conditions:

  • Its IP protection rating must be higher than 44.
  • If the fixture is connected to an outlet and switch, make sure they are waterproof too.
  • The same goes for the lamp itself. You should choose a waterproof fixture that can withstand the elements.

If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to contact the retailer supplying the lighting fixture or a specialist. Wireless fixtures are a good choice for this type of lamp because they avoid the problem of deciding whether the cables are water resistance.

Once you are sure that your light is suitable for outdoor use, all you have to do next is place it!

Lighting Around And Inside The Pool

Lighting up your pool not only enables you to decorate it but also to make it safer. Indeed, adding light around the pool will enable defining it as soon as the night falls. In terms of decorations, several possibilities await you.

You can prefer to light only the poolside with LED lights that change colors whenever you want. You can easily arrange a small terrace area around the pool. For this, several combinations are possible. Create a small relaxation area with an LED coffee table and footstools or a cool area with LED light cubes of various sizes to be used as table and chairs. Once again, let your creativity do the talking.

If you lack inspiration, the social networks can be an ideal source of ideas! In fact, you can find decorating ideas on Instagram and Pinterest simply with #smartandgreen.

You can also install in-water lighting that is just as suitable for illuminating and defining your pool. Floating lights will enable you to create a very subtle and poetic atmosphere. To delight as much the adults as the children, opt for LED light balls. They will serve as light sources for your night swims and as floating balls for all occasions! Do not hesitate to use more of these lights, thus filling your aquatic space with a few small decorative elements.

An ideal relaxing space

Our tip: To get the most out of your swimming pool, place a few SMART AND GREEN lights around or in the water, making sure that the number of lights is appropriate for the size of your pool area. With Bluetooth Mesh and the Smart and Green app, create groups and events to have all of your lights turn on at the same time, making it a real eye-catcher!

Enhance Your Garden

For those wishing to create a natural effect, it is ideal to achieve a homogeneous mix of lighting and plants. To achieve this, you can place your lights close to your trees or other plantings to perfectly complement the decor. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to place a light on the ground or suspended in the air. After all, why not hang it on a branch? If you decide to position it in a tree, you should use LED lights.

If you’re on the fence about whether to use a floor or an overhead light, you can split the difference and opt for a standing lamp. The standing lamp will enable lighting up to a certain height while remaining stationary on the ground. Moreover, it will create a modern atmosphere while accomplishing its lighting function. With a standing LED light, you can vary your preferences.

The STAND IT enables you to place the lamp you want at a height, like a standing lamp. In addition to a natural looking design, adding lights around plantings and trees will enable you to highlight them as soon as the sun goes down.

The must-have to turn your plants into the stars of your garden is the lighted pot: a genuine two-in-one. It will serve as a simple flower pot during the day and as an LED lighted pot at night, lighting up whenever you want. A pink or blue light reflection on the leaves of a shrub will add a colorful ambiance to your outdoor space.
The ideas are numerous and vary according to your desires. Don’t be afraid to be daring and creative with nomadic lights that can be moved whenever you want. You can also play on the number by arranging several lights and illuminating them with different colors to create a blend such as blue and yellow.

Outdoor Bluetooth LED Lamps
Different ideas for lighting up your outdoor space

Create A Pathway Worthy Of Hollywood

Defining a path with lights is the perfect way to lend a chic, modern feel to your garden. This lighted path can be a walkway guiding your guests from the gate to the front door or from the terrace to the entrance.

Arrange the lights symmetrically on either side of your walkway and let them guide you.

To ensure effective lighting, be sure to create a distance between the fixtures that is consistent with their light output. The idea is to create a soft atmosphere. It is important to avoid too much light intensity that would hinder the visibility of the person walking on the path.

For greater effect, go for lights that are triggered by motion detection. A true technological innovation, you will enjoy seeing your lamps light up at the slightest detection of movement. Discreet and compact, the SENSOR MESH motion detector offers a unique light management concept. Simply walk along and you will see the fixtures lighting up at the same rhythm. This type of custom lighting is useful if you don’t want to continuously illuminate an area of your yard. Save energy while surprising those who walk by.

 Our tip: For a romantic dinner date, dazzle your partner with pink and red light fixtures that illuminate the path to a beautifully set table.

Outdoor Lighting, More Like Solar Powered Lighting!  

What could be better than illuminating your backyard with solar energy? In addition to the design and layout of the fixtures, the way they operate is important. While it is recommended to avoid overly technical electrical installations by replacing them with wireless connected lights, you can also opt for solar LED lights that are recharged by natural light such as SUNLITE. The SUNLITE charger is composed of a waterproof solar panel and a charging platform. It will enable you to recharge the battery of your lamp in an environmentally friendly way.

Although the charging method changes, the use of your light remains the same. Once recharged by natural light, your lamp will illuminate the space where you decided to place it: terrace, pool, etc.

solar charger SMART AND GREEN
Solar energy for a greener future

There are many ideas for the layout of our outdoor lights. Not only that, but you also have a choice of charging method, design, and size. The most important thing is to make sure that your lighting fixtures are not only appropriate for your surroundings, but also that they enhance it the way you intended.

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