Illuminated Furniture: 2 In 1 That Makes Your Life Easier

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We are used to see illuminated furniture in events and gatherings, but why not adopt it home? This 2 in 1 furniture, which will light up at sunset, is ideal to decorate your space in an original way.

Illuminated Furniture: Different Products For Different Uses

You certainly have already seen, in a bar or a restaurant, illuminated tables and bars; The illuminated bars being notably more widespread. Nowadays, the majority of furniture we’re accustomed to can be illuminated. If some choose to use a STRIPLED which can be stuck along a furniture to create a beautiful light feature, the most impressive and easiest way to bring light into your home is to choose furnitures which are already equipped with LED lights. From bars, to chairs, to sofas and even tables, the list of illuminated furniture goes on and on. Having a Luminous Bar Table UP is as practical to use for an event as for decorating your garden. Ideal to light up your long summer evenings as well as fulfilling its role as a table. Centerpiece of a terrace, try and customize your outdoor space with a Luminous Bar Table.

If you wish for something a little less bulky, the Luminous Coffee Table BASS or the Luminous CUBE LED will surely convince you. With their chic and polished design during the day, thanks to their white color, then stylish and colorful at night, this type of illuminated furniture will create a never-seen-before mood to your outdoor spaces.

Luminous Illuminated Bluetooth Furniture
Different types of illuminated furniture

Benefits Of Illuminated Furniture

With this kind of furniture, you will not only get light and a way to decorate your backyard, but also a key element in a space: a place to sit and enjoy a meal.

One of the major advantage of illuminated furnitures is that they are equipped with LED technology. Devices using this technology consume less energy and have a longer lifespan than other classic lighting systems. In addition, LED bulbs radiate a lot less heat than normal bulbs. Don’t be afraid to sit on your Luminous CUBE or putting your cold drink on a Luminous Coffee Table! SMART AND GREEN’s illuminated furnitures are shock resistant and 100% waterproof, which is a significant benefit if you are planning on placing your Luminous Chair BONE outside, for example.

Another advantage of this 2 in 1 decorative element is that it can adapt to every situation. You can as easily settle your luminous furnitures for an everyday use in your outdoor space, as you can utilize them for organizing an evening party around a theme. Harmonize your decoration in the same colors as your lights and enjoy your party around a wireless luminous furniture that serve as a good source of light and a festive element. The fact that these furnitures are wireless is really comfortable, as you can move them around as you wish and as you need. Lastly, one of the most important advantages still, is that you can control all of your LED furnitures with your Smartphone. In just a few clics, you can change their colors or their brightness intensity without needing to be near your devices. 

LED Lights controlled by smartphone
Control your luminous furniture with the Smart and Green – Mesh app

When And How To Set Up Your Illuminated Furniture

As previously stated, your luminous furniture can be useful for summer evening gatherings but can also give you the edge when organizing your events. Right when the sunny days finally come, you can set them outside, on your terrace or in the backyard; it is up to you to think about the best strategy and where and how to set your illuminated furniture, so they can light up your event without taking too much space. The plus to setting your Luminous Bar Table UP or your Luminous Chair BONE outside during the summer is the multiple choices you’ll have when it comes to charge them. You can benefit from using natural sunlight thanks to the solar charger. Eco-friendly and practical, what’s left to do is to admire your chairs and tables light up on their own at nightfall.

For professional use, the diversity of luminous products allows event organizers to pick from a variety of possibilities. This type of lighting solution is very pleasant during events, in during which it sparks the guests’ curiosity. In terms of unique color, favor blue or even green. Blue lighting will create a “chill” and relaxing mood, ideal for gatherings where people chat around some cocktails and amuse-bouche. The same goes for green lighting which will fit a calm evening.

It is clear that by choosing different colors and brightness for your lights, and particularly your illuminated furniture, the event will look even more lively and festive. Don’t be shy and try to match your LED tables and bars to the products set on top of it, to accent them and to create a harmony. 

Owning illuminated furnitures has many advantages, especially in the long run. They will accompany you throughout all summer while being modern and stylish pieces of furniture and a good source of light. In short, a unique way to decorate your space.

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