Interior Decoration VS Exterior Decoration

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Lights For Indoor And Outdoor Decoration

There are a multitude of items that can decorate both the interior and exterior of your house or apartment. For example, it is quite usual to see a light cube outside, yet it can also decorate and enhance a living room.

This depends on the taste of each person as much as on the material of the products. In particular, the weather factor must be taken into account if you want to decorate your garden, your terrace, or your balcony.

Wireless connected cube lamp
Luminous CUBE lamp

Indeed, while arranging decorative objects both inside and outside has become quite common, it is also due to the fact that the design of the products is evolving. Nowadays, many products offer a certain resistance to water, heat, and cold weather.

Tables Lamps, The Accessory That Goes Everywhere

Whether it be the OLIO table lamp, the STELE, or the TUB, each will be able to find its place on your garden table as well as on your dining room table.

Table lamps app controlled
OLIO & TUB Table Lamps

On the one hand because they are small table lamps and therefore easily moved. On the other hand, because their lighting power and color vary according to your desires. This enables each lamp to adapt perfectly to a darker environment, such as outdoors at night, as well as to an environment with more artificial light, such as indoors in an already brightly lit room. 

These are objects that can find their place anywhere, enabling you to create an atmosphere at your dinner parties. 

However, they are not the only elements to possess this characteristic. We can apply the same principle to a chair, a light fixture, or a cushion, etc. Many objects can be adapted to the interior as well as to the exterior.

What about you, do you prefer indoor or outdoor decoration? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below or on Instagram !

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