Japandi Decor, More Than A Style, A Way Of Life

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Japandi decor has been all the rage for home design for a few years now. Although its influence can be found in many interior and exterior designs, the word “Japandi” is still relatively unknown, and even more so is its concept! SMART AND GREEN is here to reveal the secrets of this modern decor, the perfect blend between Japanese Zen and Scandinavian hospitality!

What Is Japandi?

Japandi has been captivating interior and exterior decor enthusiasts for a very, very long time. In fact, even if it’s a modern and trendy decoration style, this design finds its origins in the 1850s, when Japan opened its doors to the outside world, effectively ending its isolation politics. People from the Scandinavian peninsula visited the country and found a culture and a creative style completely different from theirs. In love, they brought back objects purchased in Japanese shops and, fascinated by the Japanese culture, these objects became a source of inspiration for artists and designers from the North.

Nowadays, Japandi decor is the combination of two concepts:

  • Scandinavian Hygge: A concept that is characterized by the importance of well-being and feeling joyful in an intimate and cozy environment.
  • Japanese Wabi-Sabi: To accept life how it is and to find beauty in imperfection and the transient.

The harmony of these two concepts, that go well together, is the key to a successful Japandi home! It’s more than a decoration style, it’s without a doubt a way of living!

Less Is More, The Key To Japandi

For a Japandi decor and lifestyle, the idea is to surround yourself with practical objects, useful in your everyday life, and that you value on a sentimental level. Like the famous Marie Kondō would say, if it doesn’t spark joy, it’s time to let it go! Clearing out the redundant, going back to the essential for a simple and minimalistic environment. Japandi is the love of emptiness. Decluttering your home to ease your mind and create the ideal place to unwind.

Contemporary Japandi decor embraces durable furniture, in an eco-friendly approach, still focusing only on what is essential. Select sturdy furniture, with high quality that will be appealing to you for years to come!

The challenge with Japandi, as is often the case with other minimalistic styles, is keeping a lived-in and warm atmosphere. Do you have any ideas on how? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

How To Master Japandi Decor

For a successful Japandi home, don’t be afraid to let nature inside your home.

You can achieve this through the use of natural materials in tables, couches, cushions, blankets, drapes and curtains. The tactile dimension of these materials and their connection to nature bring warmth and hospitality to your home and beautifully illustrate Scandinavian Hygge. Their raw appearance, meanwhile, takes us back to the beauty of imperfection of Japanese Wabi-Sabi!

Among these materials, we can find:

  • Wood
  • Linen
  • Paper
  • Stone
  • Ceramic
  • Cotton

Regarding color palette, we recommend light and earthy tones that help soothe the mind and relax the body.

Proud on the podium, we’ll find:

  • Egg White
  • Sand
  • Caramel
  • Off-wHITE
  • Smoke Blue
  • Olive

(Yes, it’s a really big podium!)

smart wireless light

This blend of raw and natural materials mixed with this color palette will create a soothing, calm and peaceful atmosphere while embracing light and brightness!

Japandi design offers everything you need to make your home a warm cocoon where you can kick back and recharge. A cocoon to take care of, serene, to unwind after a long day outside.

Lighting For Japandi Decor

Of course, we can’t talk about modern decor without talking about smart lighting! It’s kind of our thing, after all!

The design of the wireless nomad lantern VESSEL 2, inspired by traditional Japanese lanterns, fits the Japandi style perfectly! Its soft and curvy lines, its wooden handle giving you the freedom to take it along wherever you go, its simple and clean material as well as its subdued light make the VESSEL 2 the ideal match for Japandi lighting

This lantern, similar to every lamp in the SMART AND GREEN collection, is designed to be shock-resistant, waterproof and engineered for a 10-year durability, in line with the importance of eco-friendly design that goes with this trend.

With our daily lives and the world that seem increasingly complex by the day, Japandi decor promises a serene and welcoming home where it feels great to relax. So, are you as big of a fan as we are? Tell us what you think of this incredible trend in the comments below!

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