Minimalist VS Maximalist, Which Decor Suits You Best?

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Minimalist decor has been melting our decorator hearts for a few years now! Here we are in 2024, and behold, a new decorative style, that has been making headlines for several months, is climbing the ranks to be the most popular trend of the year: maximalist decor! While the battle rages on, we’re here to give you our analysis of these two styles to answer the big question: Which one is right for you?

Minimalist Decor: Calm Luxury

If you long for a calm and comforting interior, then minimalist decor is ideal for you! The key to this trend, which we love, is to create spaces where you can feel at ease and take a breather. The simplicity of this decoration style represents going back to the essentials and helps with “slow-living”, an invitation to hit the brakes and center on your senses and on the moment.

In short: A soothing interior for a calm mind.

Curves and round lines are one of the main trends of minimalist decor. Thanks to their softness and their organic feel, curves have therapeutic effects on our well-being and help to create welcoming spaces. You can go all out with curves in all of their forms: With a dining table, throw pillows, the back of your chairs, a round tray placed on a coffee table…

Let’s talk about colors! For this style, earthy and neutral colors are the stars. Among them, terracotta, honey, sand, cream and even taupe are must-haves. Our little secret: Black is perfect to add depth to your decor and highlight the other colors by making them pop! On a pillow, for a frame, or even as black stitching on a cover, the devil is in the details! 

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Maximalist Decor: Cabinet Of Curiosities

If you are looking for a quirky interior, full of glee and humor, then maximalist decor is right for you! This trend has been the world of design for a couple of years and continues to wow us in 2024.

Every style is allowed, from gothic (Wednesday Addams approves) to vintage, the key to maximalism resides in turning your interior into a showcase of curiosities and enjoyment with a mix & match of spellbinding and engaging elements! From books, clocks, pillows, candles, statues and accessories… Everything is possible! This mix of furniture and accessories creates a warm and entertaining interior that stimulates our creativity.

In short: A quirky interior for a free mind! 

Let your originality shine through by mixing materials is the key to the maximalist trend. In 2024, the world of design sees the great return of chrome, a vintage-inspired material that can be accompanied by other fashionable materials such as striated glass, plastic or colored marble!

For a successful maximalist decoration, patterns are your best allies. What makes this trend stand out is the freedom to mix all kinds of patterns together for a super modern look, the Mix&Match. Combine strips with floral or even geometric patterns!

For colors, don’t be scared to go bold! Maximalist style means to have some carefree fun, so don’t hesitate to go all out with colors and try new combinations, like pink fuchsia and green, cyan and copper or even powder pink with indigo!

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Whether you wish to go back to the essentials and indulge in the beauty in simplicity of minimalist decor, or you long for some joie de vivre and originality in your maximalist space, choosing your interior wisely begins with opting for a decoration style that suits you, reflects your personality and makes you want to spend time at home!

So, are you more into minimalist or maximalist decor? Let us know in the comments below! 👇

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