Outdoor Decorating Trends To Embrace in 2021

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Spring is upon us… Now is the perfect time to start decorating your garden, balcony or terrace, taking inspiration from the 2021 decorating trends to design your very own private getaway. 

An Outdoor Space To Get Away From It All

With the many restrictions we are currently facing due to the health crisis, our backyards, terraces, and balconies have turned into real outlets. The goal is to design your outdoor space to make you feel the most comfortable, whether in cozy or tropical mode, to each their own. In any case, your outdoor space deserves a lot of attention as it allows you to spend time outside.

This year, the trend is to create distinct spaces within the garden. From outdoor dining areas to the usual garden lounge, let your creativity run free. Some decorative objects and small furniture usually placed indoors can easily be moved outside. Many brands in this segment offer outdoor shelves and coat racks, as well as Oriental style rugs, as part of their new product lines. Such items are what will allow you to give your exterior a certain spirit and atmosphere.
You can choose to stick with a wild and tropical feel, or design your little patch of heaven with a similar tone to your living room.

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The Coffee Table, A Must-Have In Outdoor Furniture

When it comes to outdoor furniture, the coffee table is the centerpiece of any outdoor lounge. It allows you put down your beverages as you relax and unwind. This year, round coffee tables are the way to go. The shape is very trendy right now, along with light natural shades. This trend, well loved for its modern feel, still leaves room for a wide choice of materials, colors, and sizes. Feel free to mix colors and materials, that’s still very much in trend.

For instance, how about taking the original route with a LED Coffee Table? Regarding sizes, it is best to keep in mind the size of your outdoor space: a coffee table on a balcony should not feel too bulky. This is less of a concern in a big backyard.

In 2021, We Want Some Color!

The new 2021 color trends for your exterior are very versatile, with something for everyone! For starters, natural colors such as curry yellow, sage green, or terracotta are very on trend and will blend nicely with an outdoor space featuring lots of greenery. Both small accessories and large furniture can be found in these color tones. You can also combine colors and materials in this way. For example, you might pick out terracotta colored iron chairs along with terracotta ornaments for the table. This will allow your outdoor furniture to echo its natural surroundings.

Equally trendy are timeless pastel colors. These are great for sprucing up your garden or patio. For example, you will find hues such as ice mint, opaline green, and frosted grey. In fact, keep in mind that this year, “grey is the new black”. Have fun mixing these different shades to create a harmonious and colorful atmosphere for your exterior.
For something simpler: ecru, grey, and beige are three rather “nude” colors that we suggest you go for this year. They go well with everything and can be paired with a variety of colors in any outdoor setting. With beige colors, you can design an outdoor space in a Scandinavian or bohemian style.

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Choosing The Right Lighting For A Modern Outdoor Space 

We can’t stress this enough: lighting is an essential part of the design!
Nowadays, many realize its importance and turn to innovative lighting for their outdoor spaces. Forget about lamps that are solely meant to light up, there are now countless lighting fixtures that are both stylish and functional.

For SMART AND GREEN, both quality and aesthetics are essential. For this reason, we offer lighting fixtures of various shapes and sizes to meet the needs of the widest range of people while combining the maximum amount of design features. Our lamps provide a dual experience: a stylish object by day and a Bluetooth lighting device by night. Modern outdoor spaces are equipped with beautiful lighting designs and a great quality of light that serve to showcase the area.

Technology is no longer limited to indoors. It has become an integral part of your exterior, through connected lights that can be operated from your smartphone or tablet. They can be programmed to activate, at any given time, simultaneously or separately. Things get even better when you combine lighting and ornamental objects. For example, a lighted flower pot can serve as a simple flower pot by day and brighten up your evenings when night falls. Lighted furniture items are great assets to your outdoor space.

The Swimming Pool, Not To Be Overlooked

Pool design is not available to everyone, however, should you have the means, be sure to consider it. Since the first lockdown, the market for this type of equipment has been growing rapidly. This can be explained by a need for homebound people to regain some freedom by swimming or relaxing in the pool. Once again, there is something for all tastes and budgets: from pool kits, the above-ground pool, the usual in-ground pool, the infinity pool, to the natural pool… To have such a facility in your backyard allows you to a experience escapism without having to step out of your backyard.

An ideal solution in the midst of this health crisis, when the advice is to stay at home! Owning a swimming pool is also an incentive to make it look great, so why not arrange pastel-colored lounge chairs all around it, hang a hammock in between two trees for sunbathing, and of course, install waterproof lights to illuminate your nighttime swims. Our favorite product to equip this type of water space is the sturdy and water resistant LED light ball, which serves as a decorative piece, a lighting device, as well as a fun ball to play with in the water!

Luminaire Waterproof Bluetooth
Like a fish in water!

Keep in mind that this year, what matters most is that you feel good in your outdoor space!

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