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Life is slowly returning to normal, for the greater good of all. It is now possible to consider planning some events. Even though it has been some time, there are a few things in the organization that should not be forgotten! Finding the right lighting for your event is one of them. SMART AND GREEN LED lights are the ideal solution for grouping multiple light sources and controlling them simultaneously to introduce innovation and style to a reception.

Create Groups via MESH Technology

Le Bluetooth Smartmesh est une exclusivité SMART AND GREEN, reposant sur la technologie MESH, ce dernier offre de multiples possibilités quant à la gestion de vos luminaires. Notamment, pour une réception, il permettra de créer des groupes afin de contrôler simultanément plusieurs luminaires. Pour cela, rien de plus simple : après avoir téléchargé l’application Smart and Green, il suffit d’appairer les luminaires autour de soi puis de cliquer sur l’icône « groupe » en bas de page. En cliquant sur « créer un groupe », il sera alors demandé de nommer celui-ci et de sélectionner les appareils concernés. En seulement quelques secondes, vous aurez alors créé un groupe de luminaires que vous pourrez contrôler depuis votre smartphone. À titre d’information, grâce au Bluetooth Smartmesh, il est possible de créer un groupe de plus de 100 luminaires éclairages LED sans fil !

Establish the Theme of your Event by Creating your Own Lighting Atmosphere

The Bluetooth Smart Mesh is a Smart and Green exclusive, based on MESH technology. It opens up multiple possibilities for controlling your lighting fixtures. In particular, for a reception, it allows creating groups in order to control several light fixtures simultaneously. To do this, nothing could be easier. After downloading the Smart and Green application, simply pair the lights around you and click on the “group” icon at the bottom of the screen. By clicking on “create a group”, you will be asked to name it and to select the devices to be included. In just a few short seconds, you will have created a group of lights that you can control from your smartphone. For your information, with Bluetooth Smart Mesh, it is possible to create a group of more than 100 wireless LED lights!

Personnalisation de luminaires pour événement SMART AND GREEN
Using a pre-configured atmosphere to stand out from the crowd

The Spotify Playlist, the Perfect Tool for Organizing your Event

This year’s new feature is the creation of Spotify playlists in line with the pre-configured moods suggested by the Smart and Green application for your lighting. What’s the advantage? No need to be concerned about the musical background or its reception. Simply turn on a group of lights with one of these moods and launch the playlist at the same time. This will enable creating an event whose theme is comprehensible to the senses and in a totally harmonious way.

Plan the Lighting 

How can we talk about an event without talking about organization? This planning phase, as its name indicates, enables organizing the beginning and end of the lighting period for a group of lights. Again, from the application and more precisely from the page entitled “programming”, it is possible to configure an “event”.  In other words, it will be child’s play to program the day and time when the selected group of lights will turn on and off. An ideal situation would be if you want to announce the end of the alcoholic beverage service during your reception. By scheduling an “event” from the app, your LED lighting group will visually make that announcement. For example, thanks to the flashing ambiance: all the lights will start flashing during a period you decide and your guests will be informed that this service is over.

Personalization and Customed Design

Personalizing an event is the key to leaving a lasting impression. There is nothing better to convey a unique moment to your guests who will feel very privileged. It is entirely possible to customize SMART AND GREEN lamps to best suit your needs. If you want to take it a step further, customized lighting for your event is the game-changing detail. By combining innovation and design, creating an LED custom light for your event will enable you to achieve exclusivity. 

Eclairage connecté pour évènement SMART AND GREEN
Creation examples

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