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The BULB charger is used to recharge Smart and Green’s large-sized LED bulb. This charger is supplied directly with your lamps, but you may need to purchase one separately. Important to note however, this BULB charger is not compatible with the small BULBLITE bulb.



Once your rechargeable bulb’s battery is fully charged up, you can enjoy 8 hours’ autonomy from your lamp. Play around with colors and brightness and create the light that suits you. Your lamp adapts to your needs and your décor, whatever they are. Why not light up your outdoor spaces with our luminous spheres, globes and cubes and make your garden stand out from the crowd!

To do this, just connect your rechargeable light to our SmartMesh app which you can download directly to your smartphone and tablet. Pair your lamps and let the magic weave its wonder with a myriad of colors! If you have any worries when pairing your lamps, then check out our online user guide.

Input: 100~240 VAC 50-60 Hz 10 W max – Output: 5 VDC


1 kg
1 × 16 × 1 cm