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The SENSOR-MESH motion detector, combined with the Smart Mesh app, allows you to switch on all of your Bluetooth lights connected to your network when you pass by, for a duration of your choice. Update the use of your smart lighting and make it even easier with Bluetooth Mesh technology!


To start using your SENSOR-MESH motion detector, download our SmartMesh app to your smartphone or tablet, available for iOS and Android and, pair your motion detector by clicking on “Add a device”.

By default, lights activated by the SENSOR-MESH will be turned on for 30s. This setting can be changed through the app.

To help you get started discovering SMART AND GREEN’s world, we advise you to check out our online user guide.


Power supply

Batteries 3 x AAA

Detection Zone

Field of view ~150° x Distance ~5m

Battery life

3 years (based on 10 detections a day)

Movement Detection

10s intervals