The Smart Switch: Lighting up your home has never been so easy.

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The SWITCH MESH is a control tool offered by Smart and Green to easily manage your home lighting. Wireless and battery-free, it can be placed anywhere in a house to enable its user to control the brightness of their lights in a simple and innovative way.


This wireless, battery-free smart switch can be installed quickly. First of all, simply download the SmartMesh application from either the Apple Store or Google Play. Once the application is up and running, it is necessary to activate the Bluetooth on your smartphone or tablet. Go back to the application, more precisely to the “devices” page. An icon with a “+” is located at the bottom left of the screen. Once you click on it, it offers two new icons: one representing the Bluetooth and the other a QR Code. For this device, click on the icon corresponding to the QR Code to flash the QR Code on the back of the switch. In just a few clicks, the smart switch is installed! All that’s left to do is to link the fixtures you want to be able to control.

Place your smart switch wherever you want

Thanks to its double-sided adhesive tape, the Switch Mesh smart switch can be installed on a variety of surfaces: glass, wood, etc. Its sleek design and convenience of being wireless will enable you to easily conceal this control tool into your decor. In addition to providing an innovation for managing your lighting on a daily basis, this switch can be perfectly concealed anywhere

Remotely control your lights

Switch Mesh is a revolution in the world of lighting. It not only enables turning lights on or off, it also allows controlling them so that they light up in red, green, etc.

Actually, the switch is divided into several parts.

–       Press the top left position to turn on a light.

–       Press the bottom left position to turn off a light.

–       Press the top right position to set the fixture’s lighting intensity. There are three different lighting levels to meet your specific needs.

–       Press the bottom right position to change the color of a fixture.

Being able to control not only the intensity of the light, but also the color of your fixture, will empower you with unprecedented innovation. This generates the perfect lighting in your room according to the atmosphere you intend to create.

Watching a movie? Press the right button on your switch to turn on your lights with the lowest intensity and blue color for a relaxing atmosphere.

Having friends over? Illuminate your light fixtures with a strong orange intensity to infuse your room with energy!

Installing a smart switch is an innovative solution for controlling your lights. Ultimately, this is what awaits us in the future of connected homes whose primary goal will be to facilitate our lives.

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