This year, go for round!

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As trendy as they are original, round furniture is invading our homes this year. It’s really easy to match them with your home decor and create a variety of moods, from minimalist to ethnic.

Round Furniture

By choosing this type of furniture, you also introduce softness into a room. The advantage? There’s plenty of choice! From a sofa with curved lines, to the timeless round coffee table, to the ottoman, … Our advice is to match selected furniture, such as a round table with a wall mirror that evokes its shape.

Trendy Decoration With Ball Light
An enchanting decoration

It is best not to overdo it. Just a few highlights are enough to create a trendy atmosphere in your home. These various rounded shapes encourage you to relax. It is an atmosphere that resonates with Feng Shui.

Luminous Balls

Why not opt for bright rounded accents? Decorating with your lighting is a 2 in 1 process that should be favored! Hanging or standing, it is easy to find lighting fixtures that address this issue. An LED light BALL is perfect for bringing brightness and modernity to a living room. Match the size of the latter to the space of your room to optimize your decoration. The advantage of an LED light ball is that you can choose the color of light: white, purple, or red, … the palette is endless!
For swimming pool owners, a ball-shaped light fixture will add style, lighting, and even water games. Indeed, if the idea of having a round light fixture sounds like there would only be a small selection of possible designs, you should know that there are an array of light fixtures of this kind with different shapes, materials, and even sizes. Don’t be afraid to do your research to find your rare pearl.

Round and Ball LED Bluetooth Lamps SMART AND GREEN

Soften Your Home By Using Objects With Rounded Curves

The round shape in decorating is not limited to furniture or lighting. For small budgets, you can opt for objects that will bring the design touch you are looking for! Among them, we find for example, rugs, candles, also vases, and wall clocks. It’s up to you to gauge the originality you are aiming for. For example, if you like simplicity, a round wall clock will easily do the trick. If you prefer designs that are somewhat more unusual, that invite you to travel, you can opt for a round rug with flashy colors, or a vase with rounded curves. These two examples of objects will bring dynamism to your decoration by adding an atmosphere reminiscent of the 80s. 

Finally, the advantage of this trend towards round shapes is that it meets everyone’s expectations. For lovers of soft Scandinavian design, it will be easy to decorate your living room with a round coffee table. For those who prefer modern and chic atmospheres, round LED lights will do the trick both indoors and outdoors, and for those who want to travel back in time, decorative objects with bright colors and rounded contours will be perfect! The combinations are endless. It is up to you to choose the ones that will suit your interior.

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