How Digital Technology Is Revolutionizing Our Daily Lives

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Digital Technology For A More Comfortable Life 

It is so much easier today to order a product on the internet via your smartphone, than it is to go to a store. Digitization should be a simple process.
Ever since the first lockdown, the digital world has permeated our daily lives. Just remember, not only could we stay entertained with new apps such as TikTok, but we were also able to keep ordering our favorite items from our computers, tablets or indeed our smartphones. 

According to a recently published study by Vision Direct*, “the average adult spends 34 years of their life looking at screens”. These devices have such a strong hold on our lives that we often feel as if our smartphone was grafted to our palm. 

app controlled lights
Our daily us of smartphone

Digitization within our homes

Within a house or an apartment, digital components aimed at making its occupants’ lives easier are not uncommon. From surveillance cameras that allow you to monitor your home in real time directly from your smartphone, to connected speakers that can tell jokes as well as play music: home is an increasingly digitized space.

smart light bulb
Smart Light BULB E27

SMART AND GREEN lights are also operable from your smartphone or tablet. Simply install an app to remotely manage the various parameters of your LED design lamp. The goal is to provide the user with a simple way to change the light color or intensity without having to physically reach for the lamp. With just a few clicks, you can set up lighting units in groups and manage them all simultaneously. A very convenient feature when organizing receptions and similar events.

wireless design lamp
Lampe nomade sans fil Bluetooth: VESSEL 2

Using the Smart and Green app to remotely control a light fixture relies on Bluetooth Mesh technology. This technology will allow users to digitize their home with a specific goal in mind: to facilitate their daily life without compromising their health with technologies that can sometimes be considered too harmful and too intrusive. Respect towards individuals and their privacy are key aspects of Smart and Green’s vision. 

What We Can Expect From Digital Home Technology

In the field of digital, we know one thing for sure: it is constantly evolving. This truth is all the more confirmed with the health crisis we are currently facing which drives us towards digitization. Be it for consumer or work purposes, our screens have become our daily companions. It goes without saying: our future will be connected. Tomorrow’s homes will be more than just a place of belonging, they will also be functional, evolving, and connected.

Imagine a house equipped with a standard mailbox that divides into a mail compartment and a refrigerated box to receive food ordered directly from your phone. We could also imagine a solar bench spreading light waves allowing you to dry yourself in just a few minutes as soon as you get out of your bath or shower. 

The possibilities are endless and should you be interested in experiencing such a house, know that it already exists. 
Your appointment with the future will take place in Brussels, Belgium. The ultra connected home, known as Living Tomorrow, features futuristic technological innovations, some of which were mentioned in the previous paragraph. 

* Find the complete study conducted by Vision Direct at:

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